i will never forget

the chills that ran down my spine and across my skin
the warmth and passion radiating off 4000+ people
the tears that uncontrollably dripped down my face
the words that made my heart stop
the lights, the hearts and the houses put above our heads as a sign of support and hope
the love i cant receive anywhere else in the world

#FLC2014 has hit me harder than any event i have ever attended or participated in.


it wet
Milk Tea List:
  1. Kung Fu Tea
  2. Share Tea
  3. Ten Ren
  4. Purple Kow
  5. Gong Cha
  6. T Pumps
  7. Cha Time
  8. Fantasia
  9. Sno Crave
  10. Tea Society
  11. Thirstea
  12. Tea Era
  13. Super Cue
  14. T4
  15. Cool Tea
  16. Verde
  17. Tapioca Express
  18. Black Pearl
  19. Quickly

To Try:

  1. Plentea
  2. Boba Guys
  3. Tea Way
  4. Tea Station
  5. Ocha
  6. 8-Twelve
  7. Jazen Tea
  8. Craftea
  9. Tea Six
  10. The Sweet Booth
  11. T’Mates